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Aloe Water — The Healing Tonic

Looking for a healing drink that helps your skin from within? This delicious, fresh aloe leaf tonic is a tasty way to aid your whole body. Did you know that aloe can purify the blood, reduce inflammation, ease arthritis pain, prevent kidney stones, lower high cholesterol, prevent Candida, boost physical endurance, benefit cardiovascular health, and protect

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My 9-Day Digestive Cleanse Experience

Spring: out with the old and in the with the new, right? I decided to embark on a nine-day digestive system cleanse this spring for a few reasons. One: I’ve read enough about parasites, mucoid plaque, stagnant energy, and toxicity that builds up in the gut over a lifetime to know I needed to detox. Two:

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How I Finally Healed From an Eating Disorder

Disclaimer: This is *my* story and all thoughts and opinions are my own. In no way am I telling anybody with an eating disorder that this is the correct way to heal. Each journey is different! I simply want to share mine, in the hopes that it might help others.  The year I was in

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