Vegan Walking Tour of Edinburgh

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What happens when 64 vegans get together and traipse around Edinburgh to visit the best vegans spots in the city? Find out by reading below!


Starting at 10 a.m., our group met in the garden outside one of the student union’s of The University of Edinburgh. When my husband and I arrived, there were only a few people — but  slowly, more and more arrived.

Soon, our group had filled almost the entire half of the garden.

“Are these people all vegans?” I wondered.

I have never seen so many vegans in one place before, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Alas, it was true! What a wonder to behold. All 64 of us vegans gathered and embarked on this amazing Vegan Walking Tour of Edinburgh put on generously by the Student Voice for Animal Rights.

We walked a lot, made new friends, found some new vegan spots, and of course, tried some delicious vegan food.

Here is the full list of all the stops on the Vegan Walking Tour of Edinburgh:
1. New Leaf Co-Op
2. Considerit
3. Herbivore Kitchen
4. Starlight Chinese Supermarket
5. Kalpna
6. 10 to 10 in Delhi
7. Jordan Valley
8. Piemaker
9. Hula
10. Graze
11. Pumpkin Brown
12. Lovecrumbs
13. Forest Café
14. Real Foods
15. Union of Genius
16. Ting Thai Caravan
17. Paradise Palms
18. Bristo Square

You can visit the Google Maps of the Vegan Walking Tour by clicking here. 

Comment below with your favorite vegan spot in Edinburgh! (Or the world!)

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  1. Jess, very interesting. I am thrilled that you and Adam have met some people. Good for you two. It appears you are enjoying every minute. Love you both so much. xoxo Aunt Karen

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