Raw & Reggae Supper Club at Beetroot Sauvage

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Having just moved to Edinburgh, I was looking for a hip vegan restaurant to quell my foodie soul.

And I found it at Beetroot Sauvage.

Having just opened its doors this past summer, this restaurant + yoga studio + events space is doing its best to nourish the community “from soil to soul.”

When I noticed they host unique, one-off vegan supper clubs, I knew I had to attend one.

The Raw & Reggae night just happened to fit in perfectly with my schedule, so I signed up my husband and I. We showed up with a bottle of organic wine from the wine shop across the street. (It was only a 3 pound corkage fee to bring your own booze.)

Attachment-4 (2).jpeg
If you’re in Scotland, pick up a free copy of Vegan Connections!
Attachment-3 (2).jpeg
The table was set and ready for raw food action when we arrived.

The intimate dinner began with a non-alcoholic drink in the luscious outdoor garden. IMG_2276.jpg

(We may or may not have added our organic wine to it.)

Dress: Free People. Wrap: H&M.

When it was time for dinner to begin, reggae beckoned us inside through the open doors. The music was performed by Cedric Minel, a France/Edinburgh based multi-instrumentalist and he provided the perfect vibe to compliment the Caribbean raw food theme.

Attachment-5 (2).jpeg

Attachment-2 (2).jpeg
The menu.
Attachment-6 (1).jpeg
Our first course: Sunny Pate and Smoky Sweet Potato Chews
Attachment-7 (2).jpeg
Course II: Sea Burgers with Citrus, Avocado, and Mango Salad
Course III: Summer Stew served with Cauliflower Rice
Attachment-10 (1).jpeg
Some peppermint tea to aide the stomach with digestion
Attachment-11 (1).jpeg
Dessert I: Papaya Tart With Strawberry Coulis 
Attachment-9 (1).jpeg
Dessert II: Tropical Truffle With Edible Flowers

As you can see, I did not leave this supper hungry! Stuffed with delicious raw vegan goodness, I left happy, healthy and ready to come back again soon.

You can find out more about Beetroot Sauvage’s events and supper clubs by clicking here.


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