Is Being Vegan the New Rebel?

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Break out your vegan leather jacket and ditch the cigarettes. 

We live in an age where “nothing matters” and everyone is blasé about pretty much everything. If somebody gets excited about something, it lasts about 20 minutes before they’re on to the next ‘big thing’ in this era of instant gratification.

But the thing is, some things do matter. In fact, some things matter quite a lot.

Like animal cruelty, for example.

Or the health of the environment.

You know what lifestyle supports both of those causes? Veganism.

I always say that if every person had to watch a video of the animal dying before they bought meat, leather, or animal-tested products — they more than likely would not buy it.

Because, honestly, who *likes* killing animals and hurting the environment?

(Well, maybe hunters…)

Hopefully nobody.

But when meat is all you’ve been raised on, you know nothing about health, and when you go to the grocery store your animal products are wrapped up in a pretty little package — it’s hard to know what you’re doing wrong if you’ve never educated yourself.

By going vegan, not only are you going against society, the government, and probably your parents — it’s for a cause.

It’s for the animals.

The planet.

The people.

And your health.

That’s why going vegan is as rebellious as it gets.

A rebel, by definition is a person who does not obey rules or accept normal standards of behavior, dress, etc.

Animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars, trains, planes, and other forms of transportation around the world combined. Plus, factory farming is responsible for 65 percent of all human-related emissions of nitrous oxide — a greenhouse gas with 296 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide, which can stay in the atmosphere for 200 years. Studies show going vegan cuts your carbon footprint in half,” according to Elizabeth Enochs of Mercy for Animals.

I’ve been vegan for eight years now, and I do not spend any time regretting my decision. I am constantly finding new reasons that affirm my choice to not eat or purchase animal products.

In fact, my health is better than ever, I have more energy, I’m at a healthy weight, enjoy delicious food and know I’m saving animals and contributing to the health of the world just by my lifestyle choices.

Plus, the smell of cooking meat literally makes me feel nauseous.

With so many incredible plant-based options out there, there’s no reason to continue eating meat and dairy.

It’s easy to be vegan. And fun. And tasty.

Taking your health into your own hands, sans government corruption, is one of the coolest things you can do.

Plus, you cannot say you are a feminist without being vegan. Did you know factory farming is extremely anti-female?

The meat, dairy, and egg industries profit off female reproductive systems. These industries strip female farmed animals of their bodily autonomy. Factory farming also tears families apart. Billions of baby animals are separated from their mothers each year so we can drink their mothers’ milk instead. Cow milk is for cows. Human milk is for humans.

Plus, some of history’s most influential human right’s activists were vegan.

So, if you want to be cool — be kind.

Go vegan.

You’ll not only be bettering your health, but saving animals, and the environment. And you might live a hell of a lot longer than those consuming animal products.

What’s more badass than that?

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