Honcho: Restaurant Review

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My sister, Bella, turned 21 this week. To celebrate, my family ventured to a Latin street food restaurant called Honcho in Clarkston, Michigan.

With a family full of mixed dietary needs (my sister is actually studying to become a nutritionist), Bella chose a perfect restaurant to accommodate all of us.

Honcho’s menu can satisfy both omnivores and vegans alike. Their margaritas are pretty good, too!

What We Ordered

I started off with the Honcho margarita with added jalapenos. It was not the best margarita I’ve ever had — I still think Imperial in Ferndale, Michigan is the best, but it was a pretty good runner up.

HONCHO MARG: Casamigos Reposado Tequila, Pierre Ferrand Dry, Curacao, lime, agave

For appetizers, my family ordered guacamole and a salsa trio. But because I do not eat corn, I abstained. I did try the sweet pea guacamole, and thought it tasted yummy. It had an interesting, more-chunky-than-normal texture due to the roughly chopped scallions.

SWEET PEA GUACAMOLE: avocado, English peas, scallions & cilantro topped with spiced pepitas, corn chips on the side 
HOUSE SALSAS: salsa verde, Peruvian green chili, Union Salsa, corn chips on the side

When our table was ready, we headed outside to their cute patio overlooking downtown Clarkston. We sat under a black and white striped umbrella at a little black cafe table.

For dinner, I ordered the chop salad without corn as everything else on the menu was made with corn or cornmeal or gluten/grains.

chopped romaine, quinoa, black beans, grilled red onion, radish, avocado, tomatoes, grilled sweet corn, chopped carrot, spiced pumpkin seeds, tossed in cilantro lime vinaigrette

I thought it was pretty good.

I ate it with chopsticks (they had a bunch right on the table) and added Brussels spouts to the top to make it more of a hearty meal. I would order it again if I ever go back.


My husband ordered the Brussels burrito — just veganized. The waitress told us when she plugs in our orders to the system there is a “vegan” option for her — which I thought was really cool. That way, the kitchen automatically knows to make your meal vegan. More restaurants should do this!

BRUSSELS BURRITO • shaved caramelized brussels, garam masala, shallots, capers lemon and mirin with Peruvian chili sauce, spiced pepitas, miso black beans & house cheese blend in a kale flour tortilla topped with griddled queso, cilantro lime jasmine rice & miso refried beans on the side

Overall, it was a nice experience. I’m pleased that more restaurants are getting on the vegan bandwagon and at the very least having options for people like me.

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*Featured image courtesy Honcho.



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