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Honcho: Restaurant Review

My sister, Bella, turned 21 this week. To celebrate, my family ventured to a Latin street food restaurant called Honcho in Clarkston, Michigan. With a family full of mixed dietary needs (my sister is actually studying to become a nutritionist), Bella chose a perfect restaurant to accommodate all of us. Honcho’s menu can satisfy both omnivores

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The Ultimate Vegan Guide: Metro Detroit

If you’ve never been to Detroit, know this: it is a city for foodies. And if you’re a vegan foodie, you’re in luck! Detroit is a wonderful place to be vegan because Michigan has so many farms and therefore access to fresh produce. (Especially in the summertime!) As you will see, if you are vegan

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A Perfect Saturday Out in Detroit: A Guide

After a brutal Michigan winter, spring is finally on the horizon. Every year, I think I’m not going to make it; I’m never going to see the sun again — then, slowly, the days begin to turn from 10 degree mornings to 30, then 40, and so on. The birds can be heard chirping. The

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