The Ultimate Vegan Guide: Metro Detroit


If you’ve never been to Detroit, know this: it is a city for foodies.

And if you’re a vegan foodie, you’re in luck! Detroit is a wonderful place to be vegan because Michigan has so many farms and therefore access to fresh produce. (Especially in the summertime!) As you will see, if you are vegan in Detroit you will not have any issue finding a place to eat. In fact, you’ll have a harder time narrowing down all of the incredible options to one!

I’ve been vegan since 2010 in this city and plant-based options are more abundant than ever.

Below, I’ve compiled the ultimate vegan Metro Detroit restaurant list. Bonus: I’ve also mapped all of these yummy places on Google Maps for a visual reference. Check out my Vegan Detroit Map here! alex-brisbey-582222-unsplash.jpg

The Metro Detroit Restaurant Rundown

*Please Note: Each restaurant is entirely vegetarian/vegan, unless otherwise noted.*

Sweets, Treats, Juice + Healthy Cafes

Inn Season Cafe in Royal Oak is 100% vegetarian with tons of vegan options! Plus, their menu changes each day so there is always something new to try.

Keep It Casz: Casual Dining

A tasty southern-style meal from Detroit Vegan Soul — a 100% vegan restaurant in Detroit. (Image courtesy of Detroit Vegan Soul.)

Upscale Dining

IMG_5869 (1)
“The Big Max” veggie burger from GreenSpace Cafe — a 100% vegan restaurant in Downtown Ferndale.

Where is your favorite place to eat in Detroit? Any restaurants I’ve missed? Let me know in a comment below!



9 comments on “The Ultimate Vegan Guide: Metro Detroit”

  1. Great list!! Republic has fantastic vegan & vegetarian dishes. A group of us had the chef’s tasting, with a request for some veg options, and only two dishes served were not vegetarian.

  2. Curious if you’ve been to Detroit Street Filling Stattion lately? I know they started out trying to be more upscale but they definitely are not now. Very yummy vegan food, but if readers are expecting “swanky,” they’ll be disappointed.

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