My Top 10 Hacks for a Healthy Vegan Lifestyle

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Being vegan for almost nine years, I’ve narrowed down my top 10 tips for living a the healthiest plant-based lifestyle possible. Read on to see what they are!

  1. Blend it up. In a rush or don’t know what to make for a meal? Make a smoothie! There’s really nothing easier (than just eating raw fruit). Simply blend a cup of frozen fruit, a ripe banana and some water and viola — a meal is ready to go! For an extra fancy twist, make a smoothie bowl, pictured below, with all the creative toppings you love — such as coconut flakes, almonds, chopped produce, or granola.


2. Put food on your face, not chemicals. What’s one of the best natural face masks in the world? Lemon and honey! See how to make my favorite mask here.


3. Eat raw whenever possible. Sound too hard? Try the Raw Till 4 lifestyle. I especially love this way of living in the summertime. A smoothie and salad for lunch, then a cooked meal for dinner. Or, just have fresh fruit for a meal! It’s super easy and helps with weight maintenance, keeping energy levels up, detoxification, etc.


4. Stock up on fruit. Nope, it’s not going to make you gain weight. Fructose from raw fruit is totally different than the sugar found in packaged food from the store.

If you have any weird reactions to eating fruit, it’s most likely a symptom of detoxification that the fruit is prompting in your body. I.e., if you get pimples after eating pineapple, the pineapple is helping to push the nasties out of your body.

Some of my favorite fruits are: pineapple, dates, figs, mango, mandarins, bananas, and grapes.


5. A salad a day keeps the doctor away. Try my favorite recipe here.


6. Drink water. A lot of it. Our bodies are about 60 percent water, so it’s important to keep our cells hydrated. I aim to drink 2 to 3 liters of water per day. I do this easily by carrying around a 1 liter bottle of water with me all day which I refill. Drinking water helps keep your organs functioning properly and flush out toxins. If you don’t like drinking water, get creative and add some fresh lemon, basil, mint, or even lime to your beverage but steer clear of sweeteners.


7. Want a meat replacement? Turn to plants! Look to jack fruit, lentils, beans, veggie burgers and veggie sausages. (My favorite soy-free brand in the U.S. is Field Roast.)


8. Live a detox lifestyle. Everything you put into your body is either contributing to, or fighting disease. So make sure you do your research, read labels before you buy, and purchase the highest quality food you can afford. Buy local whenever possible. The less distance from the farm to your table, the better. Cut down on packaged foods and try to live a whole foods lifestyle.

Knowledge is power.


9. Cut back on alcohol. I know, I know. I’m definitely not trying to be the party-pooper, here. But alcohol is nasty for the body. I’m currently watching several people I know suffer from alcohol-related diabetes and high blood pressure, along from a host of other issues (all under 50 years of age). It’s really sad to watch, and alcohol addiction is horrific. I personally have not “stopped drinking forever” but I have cut back significantly. I’m talking maybe 1 drink per month. I just don’t enjoy it any more.

Let’s put it this way: I’ve never gone out and not drank, then the next day been like “Man, I really wish I had drank last night.” No — Because I’m buzzing around doing a bunch of stuff I need to be doing, not hungover. And my cells thank me for it.

I have a lot to say when it comes to our societies alcohol dependence, and I won’t say it here. But what I will say is that limiting alcohol or abandoning it altogether, is good for you. And for those of you who say “what about the antioxidants in wineeeee?” Go eat a grape!


10. Exercise every day. I’m not saying you need to hit the gym every single day. But go for a walk. Do 10 push-ups. Be on your feet more than you are on your butt (if you have that option). We have this one beautiful body and one beautiful life, so let’s celebrate by being as active as humanly possible.


These are my top 10 tips, but I’d love to know yours in a comment below!

Until next time,



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