Spring 2018 Skincare Favorites

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Each season, your skin requires a different routine to ensure it is properly hydrated and nourished. If you read my winter and fall skincare posts, you’ll find it is quite different from my springtime routine.

Being that Michigan is a dry tundra for more than half the year, using a different variety of oils is my preferred way to hydrate my skin. As mentioned in previous posts, I start every morning off with a nickel size drop of organic jojoba oil and rub gently into my face using the gua sha method. This gives my skin an automatic glow and keeps me hydrated all day long. It also functions as a primer prior to putting on makeup.

Read on to discover which products I’m loving this spring.

Enchanted Apothecary

This brand is made by an alchemist in Michigan — and therefore basically my dream skincare line. I’m bummed I had not discovered it until now, but so happy I found it! Each product is blended with crystals and stored in miron glass for optimum potency. I’ve been using these three products:

Moon Essence Moisturizer


Moisture retaining Organic Green Tea, Shea Butter, Hibiscus Blossoms and Irish Moss combined with delicate Evening Primrose and Jasmine Essential Oil creating a nourishing cream for dry, sensitive skin. Night blooming Jasmine flowers retain the moon’s essence which nurtures and restores skin’s delicate balance. Moonstone Crystal infused to provide skin with healing support.

Timeless Under Eye Cream


Arnica flowers, Bilberry, White Tea and Nettle leaf blended into a rich cream that protects, prevents, and nourishes the delicate under eye area. Rose Quartz Crystal infused to nourish and heal your skin.

Radiance Cleansing Oil


Black Currant Seed, Olive and Apricot Kernel Oils provide the skin with essential fatty acids to maintain a youthful appearance while ridding the skin of toxins. Rose Geranium and Jasmine Essential Oils along with Comfrey Leaf and Chamomile hydrate and help prevent premature aging. Rose Quartz infused to boost moisture.

Energetic Healing- Rose quartz is the stone of love and nourishment. It is used to lower stress and soothe. Rose quartz is used to nourish the skin and regain vitality.

MG Naturals

It is extremely hard to find organic makeup that is made without all of the ingredients I avoid, such as metals like titanium dioxide and iron oxide. I stumbled upon MG Naturals on Instagram and decided to give it a try because my 100 Percent Pure foundation was gone.

Foundation Kit


I liked this foundation kit because it gives you the option of full coverage. It comes with an organic cream as well as a powder and a little kabuki brush for application. I found the cream foundation to be a bit greasy and it’s hard to get off, so I probably wouldn’t buy it again. I do, however, like the powder. It will last me some time, so when the cream foundation is gone I’ll most likely go back to 100 Percent Pure.



While this isn’t my favorite concealer ever, it works. And I love that it is organic and made with chemical-free ingredients. I also like that it comes in a little pen with a brush built in for easy application.



This bronzer, like the concealer, is also in a nifty little pen. I love my bronzer and also like the concealer, not the best I’ve ever used. But it does work!

Avalon Organics



My skin is extremely sensitive and I will break out just using organic coconut oil as a moisturizer. Avalon Organics is one of my favorite brands. I adore their shampoos and conditioners, so I figured why not? when I saw this lotion on sale at the store. Lavender is one of my favorite essential oils, so this combination is lovely. It does not make my skin break out and actually keeps me hydrated.

What are your favorite springtime skincare products? Let me know in a comment below!

Until next time,



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