My Fall 2017 Plant-Based Skincare Routine

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Confession: I used to be a hoarder when it came to beauty products.

My family has a infamous story they like to tell to embarrass me, depicting my former product-addict self. In essence, I was dropped off at a *super outdoorsy* summer camp at 13-years-old with a suitcase full of beauty products. A suitcase – for a week in the woods. I was sleeping in a rustic cabin full of spiders and 20 other girls in a bunkbed that had a mattress with one of those pee-resistant covers on it. And I brought a suitcase full of makeup to camp. I don’t think I even used any of it.

Needless to say, I am now a minimalist. And to be perfectly honest, my life is a whole lot simpler having more space on my bathroom counter.

So, cheers to not putting toxic crap on our skin, because our bodies absorb close to 60 percent of the topical products directly into the bloodstream, with which the skin – our largest organ – comes into contact.

My rule of thumb when it comes to products lately is: if I wouldn’t eat it, I’m not putting it on my body.

Keep reading for an honest roundup of what I’m currently using for makeup and skincare this fall. Plus, all of it is nontoxic and plant-based!

What I’m Currently Using for Skincare Products


Allaffia Deodorant in Refreshing Coconut

Real talk: since I stopped using antiperspirant, I have not had B.O. I know that’s a big thing to proclaim. Back when I used “normal” deodorant I used to think those yellow stains on my white clothing and the nasty smell after a workout was from my sweat, but NOPE. The stain and the scent is from your body reacting to the chemicals of the antiperspirant and mixing with your sweat.

I have been using all-natural, vegan deodorant for about five years now and I would *never* ever go back to poisoning my body with aluminum and all those other nasty chemicals. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO SWEAT, PEOPLE. It is one way our bodies detoxify and messing with that process is not cool. I have tried tons of different natural deodorants over the years and I really like this one. It even has reishi mushrooms in it for extra cancer-fighting, detoxifying health benefits. It also smells really good.

Everyday Coconut Fermented Coconut Oil

My husband and I use this as our moisturizer. I put it everywhere on my body that you would normally put lotion, except my face. I love it. It isn’t too greasy like most coconut oils for the body and it dries quickly.

Dessert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil 

My husband and I both use this for our facial moisturizer. Do not be afraid to put oil on your face! Jojoba oil’s composition is extremely close to that of natural sebum, so it does not irritate my face, absorbs quickly, and is virtually scentless. I use about a pea-sized drop all over my face, especially under my eyes, every day. I have been using this for over a year and would definitely recommend.

What I’m Currently Using for Makeup


I have been looking for makeup without titanium dioxide, citric acid or other toxic chemicals for a while. All of these products are titanium dioxide free (I don’t want heavy metals in my body) except for the W3ll People bronzer stick. I will be on the hunt for a new bronzer after this one is used up.

If you’re ever curious about the toxicity of the products you use on your body, EWG has a great database that you can view your current products on by clicking here.

100% Pure 2nd Skin liquid Foundation in Shade 3

This is a new foundation for me, but so far so good. It kind of has a minty smell to it, which I’m not sure I like. But I guess that’s better than it smelling terrible. Anywho, I do like the texture, smoothness, etc. of this foundation and really like 100% Pure as a brand in general. I was looking for a liquid foundation that went on smoothly, didn’t make me look unnatural and didn’t leave that nasty residue, like some foundations do, on my phone. So far, this foundation accomplishes both of those tall tasks.

100% Pure highlighter in Northern Light

Anybody who knows me, knows I love highlighters. Who doesn’t love glitter, sparkles and looking like a unicorn? (If you just said “no” in your head, you may want to reconsider your life choices.)

This is kind of a cool one, because it is liquid and looks like a lip gloss. But instead, you can put it right on your cheeks or down the center line of your nose. JEM-approved so far.

100% Pure Mascara in Black Tea

I have a hard time finding a mascara that I like. This one is pretty good so far, I was using one I bought at Whole Foods before this. I always seem to get black on the inner rim of my eyelid when I put it on, but that’s pretty much what always happens….  as far as color, texture and all that goes — I would probably buy this again. Plus, it’s made from tea and fruit!

Everyday Minerals highlighter in Polished All Over Shimmer☆(it’s got the wrong cap on it, sorry for any confusion)

This is a powder highlighter and I like it. I put it on after my bronzer and foundation. It is shimmery without being too shimmery. For those days I don’t want to go full-unicorn-princess.

W3ll People Bio Bronzer Stick

As I mentioned above, I won’t be buying this one again because of the heavy metals and apparently it has beeswax in it, so this product is not technically vegan. But as far as a bronzer stick goes, it works. Too bad, so sad W3ll People.

The Burren Perfumery perfume in Frond

Smells like herbs and fresh flowers. Straight from Ireland. Nontoxic. Made by botanists. What more could you ask for in a perfume?


What are your favorite plant-based, nontoxic beauty products?


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