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Spring 2018 Skincare Favorites

Each season, your skin requires a different routine to ensure it is properly hydrated and nourished. If you read my winter and fall skincare posts, you’ll find it is quite different from my springtime routine. Being that Michigan is a dry tundra for more than half the year, using a different variety of oils is

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Gua Sha: The Ancient Skincare Secret You’ve Been Missing

Beauty begins within. But there are certain tactics we can take to help keep our skin beautiful on the outside, too. One such tactic is gua sha — the Traditional Chinese Medicine facial fascia manipulation technique that is apparently as good as Botox, without the negative side effects. “When used for long periods of time without

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Miracle Organic Lemon + Honey Skin Treatment

Looking for an all-natural face mask that treats dull, dry, sensitive skin + acne and exfoliates? It only takes three ingredients and you probably already have at least two of them at home. This face mask is so good for your skin, you could it eat! Literally. Ingredients 1/2 sliced organic lemon (a lime would work,

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