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How I Actually Manage My Anxiety

If you have ever felt the crippling feeling of doom and fear that a panic attack can bring, know you are not alone. I don’t know if it’s my genetics or our world, but I have (looking back) dealt with anxiety, to some degree, my entire life. I didn’t have a “real” panic attack until

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Why Added Sugar Is Ruining Your Health

This article was originally published on MotivateHealth.com To eat a diet full of added sugar, one does not have to regularly guzzle soda or devour cupcakes. Added sugar is simply that: added. It is added to several unsuspecting products including foods considered “healthy” such as cereals, breads, fruit juices, granola bars, condiments, pasta sauces and

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Easy Raw Collard Green Wraps

Looking for an easy way to incorporate more raw food into your diet? Or on the Raw Til 4 lifestyle like me? Then I’ve got the perfect meal idea for you! This wrap is a tasty, easy, inexpensive, and — best of all — nutritious way to get in your greens. I made the wraps

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