Life Lately: Winter in Northern Michigan

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A lot has changed since the last time I blogged. Life has been a bit of a whirlwind and is just finally slowing down enough for me to justify writing for this blog (hi! *waves* if you’re reading this!).

Long story short: My husband and our two cats moved back to the U.S. from Scotland and have settled in Traverse City, Michigan (for now). As much as I miss European living — I am very much enjoying the small town life in Northern Michigan. Though TC and I are still getting aquatinted (I’ve joined the local co-op, joined a local creatives meet-up, but still can’t find my way around without a map), I already know we will be here for a while. It’s the feeling of being so deep in the wilderness — surrounded by the Great Lakes on all sides.

Our humble abode.

All of the trees, water, and fresh air reminds me of Celtic land. Plus, we’re close to family. Which is nice, after being separated by an ocean for a year.

And, we know we’ll be back to Europe/UK in no time.

If you got snow, make snow angels, ya feel?

But, right now my focus is on one thing only: publishing my book. But before that can happen, I need an agent. So that arduous process is just about to be underway.

I officially graduated with my Masters in Creative Writing in October, so I am spending a lot less time writing academic essays and instead writing and reading about magic. Pretty decent trade-off if you ask me.

My rough draft has been passed to about 10 of my most trusted and ruthless beta-readers and I have been applying their feedback before I send off my query to agents next month. (Eeeek!)

Thank you for reading. Happy belated New Year to you and I hope 2020 brings you health, happiness, and peace.


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  1. Jess, I love what you have done to your new home. It looks so cozy and inviting. The green couch is gorgeous. I am happy to hear you and Adam are getting involved in groups in the Traverse City area. Miss you both and love you so much. Keeping my fingers crossed you find an agent soon. xoxo Aunt Karen

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