Easy Vegan Root Vegetable Lasagna

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For my farewell party to Scotland this past weekend, I decided to make a vegan lasagna because it is a delicious and easy way to feed a lot of people on a budget.

This recipe is labeled *easy* because I chose to use organic frozen veggies from Whole Foods for this particular recipe. When I have more time, I will always choose fresh veggies and take the extra time to prep them. But, with an impending international move, this was my best bet.

If you’re looking for a quick meal for a party, this is it!

It was a huge hit at the party and I felt good knowing I was feeding my loved ones with a dish that was a healthy as it was delicious.

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Layer the bottom of your lasagna pan with sauce and EVOO to keep the noodles from sticking.


Serves: 12


  • 1 large and deep lasagna pan
  • 1 can tomato paste
  • 2 jars pasta sauce
  • 2 boxes gluten-free lasagna noodles
  • 2 fresh heirloom tomatoes, diced
  • 1 large sweet onion, sliced
  • 10 – 15 cloves garlic (less, depending on taste), minced or use a garlic press
  • 1 bunch fresh basil, chopped
  • A few sprigs of fresh rosemary and thyme (use dried herbs as a substitute), chopped
  • 3 bags frozen veggies: I chose kale, root vegetables and a mediterranean blend
  • Sprinkle Celt sea salt, ground black pepper and cayenne pepper, to taste
  • EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
  • Vegan cheese: I chose 1 package of Follow Your Heart and 1 package of Miyoko’s


  1. Preheat oven to 400 F / 204 C
  2. Caramelize the sweet onion and half the garlic in a pan until soft. Add in the sliced heirloom tomatoes. Cook until soft. Set aside.
  3. Steam the frozen veggies until soft. Set aside.
  4. Prep the lasagna pan with a drizzle of EVOO and a couple spoonfuls of pasta sauce, so the noodles will not stick. Set aside.
  5. Boil a pasta pot of water. Then, cook the noodles until al dente.
  6. When noodles are done, drain, then layer your first section of the lasagna in criss-cross fashion.
  7. Add a sprinkle of fresh herbs, a scoop of the veggies, some cheese, pasta sauce and tomato paste, then add your next layer of noodles. Continue these layers until there is only a layer of noodles remaining on top. Coat top with more vegan cheese, pasta sauce, spices and herbs.
  8. Once your lasagna is ready to cook, put it in the oven for about 30 minutes or until the top is golden brown and crispy.
  9. Serve with a sprinkle of fresh herbs on top. Enjoy!



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