The Ultimate Vegan Guide: Atlanta

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In doing my own research, I found there wasn’t one really great list of all the vegan cafes, shops, restaurants and resources in Atlanta. So, I thought, “why not create one?” Not only have I compiled this list, but I’ve also mapped out all of these great places on Google Maps! You can save my Vegan Atlanta list and use it as an easy reference during your visit. Follow my Vegan Atlanta Google Map here! 

*Note: Each place listed is exclusively vegetarian or vegan, unless otherwise noted as “veg friendly”!*


Bakery/Juice Bars/Healthy Cafes

Vitality Bowls (omni, but veg friendly)

Revolution Doughnuts

Karbonstar Vitality Vegan Cafe & Juice Bar

Tassili’s Raw Reality 

Dulce Vegan Bakery & Cafe

Vegan Dream Doughnuts

Casual Dining

Viva la Vegan

Soul Vegetarian (multiple locations)

Healthful Essence Caribbean Vegan Vegetarian Restaurant 

R. Thomas’ Deluxe Grill

Green Sprout Vegetarian 

Lov’n It Live

Go Vindas Cafe

Chat Patti Vegetarian Restaurant

Arepa Mia (omni, but veg friendly)

Art Cafe Ethiopian Kitchen (omni, but veg friendly)

Aviva (omni, but veg friendly)

Rreal Tacos (omni, but veg friendly)

NaanStop (omni, but veg friendly)

YEAH! Burger (omni, but veg friendly)

Ria’s Bluebird (omni, but veg friendly)

Folk Art (omni, but veg friendly)

Torched Hop (omni, but veg friendly)

Upscale Dining

Herban Fix

Cafe Sunflower (multiple locations)

True Food Kitchen (omni, but veg friendly)

Radical Cafe (omni, but veg friendly)

Where is your favorite place for vegan eats in Atlanta? I’d love to know in a comment below!





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