Spring Fling in Atlanta

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There comes a time in every Midwesterner’s winter where they have to get out of the cold. That’s why we have the term snowbirds for those who fly away to the warmth of the south when winter arrives, for better or worse.

In the past, I have been fortunate enough to head south to find reprieve from chapped lips and gloomy winter days. But this year, because we are moving overseas in three short months, we hunkered down, saved every cent we could, and made it through the entire winter without leaving this wretched state once.

But when spring arrived, we knew it was time to emerge from our cave, tan our translucent skin (my Celtic husband was nearly in vampire territory — sans sparkles), and feel human again.

Lucky for us, my sister-in-law lives in Atlanta, Georgia and we ventured down south to visit with her for a long weekend in the middle of May.

I, never having been to Atlanta other than driving through on the way to Florida, was really excited to explore it. It was the perfect way to celebrate spring — the season of change.

Read on to discover how I spent a long weekend enjoying southern living.

What to Do

1. Check out the different neighborhoods.

Luckily, the weekend I was there the Kirkwood Spring Fling just so happened to be going on. The Spring Fling is an art fair with music, food and tons of booths showcasing local products. I bought a couple of beautiful, delicate necklaces (from Admiral Row and Nature Vibe), tried the famous locally made King of Pops, and sat in the clover-filled grass underneath the shade of an enormous tree to get reprieve from the 90 F weather. It was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

If you’ve never been to Atlanta, it’s basically one giant, sprawling neighborhood. There are a lot of cool spots to check out and wander around.

2. Visit Criminal Records in Little Five Points.

If you’re a music or comic nerd, a visit to Criminal Records is a must. My husband bought two records (even though we’re about to move overseas and won’t be able to take them with us) during our visit. I loved checking out the books, comics and artwork here as well.

Though Little Five Points is a pretty touristy area, there are some other nifty shops, bars, and restaurants to visit.

3. Grab a drink or late night bite at The Righteous Room or Torched Hop.

If you are looking for a place to grab a cold one, or even just a some food, either one of these bars is a good choice. Bonus, if you visit the Torched Hop, they have a bocce court, Nintendo station, and giant Jenga amongst other board games available for patrons. It’s a fun place to go with a group.

Processed with VSCO with fr4 preset
2 a.m. at The Righteous Room

I visited the Righteous Room in the early hours of Sunday morning. They have a pretty decent menu for vegans, for being a bar. We had just come from a concert at the Verizon Amphitheater , and I was very hungry. I ordered the hummus platter with fresh veggies and was pretty satisfied.

My only complaint about this bar is that they allow cigarette smoking indoors and it their air conditioning was blasting, so I was FREEZING!

Where to Eat

1. Lov’n It Live — Raw + Organic Restaurant

Processed with VSCO with av8 preset
The vegan tacos at Lov’n It Live
raw brownie
homemade kombucha

This raw vegan restaurant in East Point was incredible. I ordered the tacos, stir fry, and was treated by the restaurant to a raw brownie that was absolutely incredible.

2. Folk Art

This quirky little restaurant is not exclusivity vegan, but has a few options for plant-based folk. My in-laws are not vegan, but my husband and I are, so this place was able to accommodate all of our needs. If you have an omni family, I would recommend this cute little brunch spot.

I enjoyed their beet burger topped with kimchi and pickled jalapenos. They did not have any vegan bun options, however, so I had my burger bunless, which was preferable for me anyway.

3. Revolution Doughnuts


Flavors: Pistachio, coconut, blueberry, almond, carrot cake, dark chocolate

I don’t normally indulge in sweets, gluten, or any sort of non-raw food very often as it makes me feel sick and/or break out in hives. But these were *the* best doughnuts I’ve ever had in my entire life. When I was on my honeymoon in Ireland last summer, I went into a doughnut shop in Dublin and was very unimpressed with the treat. So, I wasn’t overly keen on trying another doughnut. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Revolution Doughnuts is revolutionary. Most of their doughnuts are vegan, they offer unique flavors (all delicious!) and the atmosphere of the shop is adorable. If you stop here, definitely try their peach iced tea, too!

Where to Stay

I stayed with my sister-in-law at her new home during my trip, but these spots are great options if you don’t have a loved one to stay with in Atlanta.



Can you spot the dew on the leaves of these clovers?

Where are your favorite places in Atlanta?




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