Adventures in North Berwick


Just a half-hour train ride from Edinburgh lies a wee seaside village. From walking along the beaches to search for sea glass to hiking The Law or the John Muir Way to shopping at the unique boutique shops, there is something for everyone. Surprisingly, the vegan foodie scene is alive and well there, too.

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I stumbled upon North Berwick this past summer when my husband and I were traveling around in our rental car. We visited the majestic Tantallon Castle  and found ourselves hungry afterward. We ventured to North Berwick because we found The Herringbone  during a quick online search for vegan food. And man, were were pleasantly surprised.

Basically, we found out The Herringbone serves incredible margaritas and has their own vegan menu. From then on, it became our favorite place for date night.

North Berwick offers all the charm of a small Scottish town while still being close to Edinburgh. It really does feel like another world when you’re there, it’s easy to forget that the city is less than an hour away. It’s my favorite place to escape.

If North Berwick sounds like somewhere you might like to visit, here is my travel guide to a perfect day (or weekend!) in this glorious seaside town.

Where to Stay

The Marine Hotel



Situated just a short walk away from the town center, this Hogwarts looking hotel boasts a view of the sea and a golf course. It is a luxurious way to spend a weekend, if you fancy more than just one day in this magical town.

Where to Eat

For vegans, there are two great options in North Berwick:

Steampunk Coffee


This super cool coffee shop is where I’ve been holing up to work on my book lately. When I can’t take the hustle of the city, North Berwick is my escape.

I love Steampunk because not only do they have a vegan menu, always have a vegan soup, and brew delicious tea (and coffee, obviously) — but it’s a great work environment. They even have a fireplace! If you like chutney or jam, pick up a jar of Julie’s Jam while you’re there, too! I love her blackcurrant jam and mango chutney.

Also, every Friday from 5 to 7 PM Steampunk has a BYOB pizza party. It’s a pretty awesome collective of people and a great place to work from.

The Herringbone

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Beyond the margaritas, they have a fantastic wine menu. I would definitely recommend making reservations ahead of time, because they are so popular. The restaurant has a completely separate vegan menu which is also wonderful for vegans and non-vegans alike.

What to Do


There are a million and one ways to spend your time in North Berwick, but here are my top picks:

  1. Walk along the coast. Nothing beats that incredible view of the islands and the fresh slap of sea air on your face.
  2. Traipse the High Street and see what you discover. North Berwick has a bunch of curious little shops to explore. Nip in to a few. Maybe a pub after, too!
  3. Hike The Law.
  4. Walk part of The John Muir Way.
  5. Have a drink at one of the many unique pubs.
  6. Visit the Scottish Seabird Centre.
  7. Take a boat trip to Bass Rock.
  8. Walk around the the Lodge Gardens.
  9.  Visit Tantallon Castle.
  10.  Walk along North Berwick Harbour.

Have you ever been to North Berwick?

Let me know in a comment below!

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6 comments on “Adventures in North Berwick”

  1. I love North Berwick and its many charms and visited often when I lived and worked in East Lothian in the mid 90s. So good to read your piece and feel really inspired to take a trip, especially as I am now vegan. Sounds amazing, can’t wait, thank you!

  2. Yes indeed! In fact, I spent my first nine years in North Berwick. These days I like to pop through from Glasgow from time to time and sketch. In fact, I have a few blog posts of my own about my adventures there.

    I love walks on the beach too, plus walks up the Law.

  3. Beautiful description of a place I am sure I would love. I am so happy you and Adam have found places like this to visit. Love you both. xo Aunt Karen

  4. I would not be at all surprised if someday people go by the Steampunk to take a picture like they do the elephant house… XOXO

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