The Ultimate Vegan Guide: Edinburgh

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Edinburgh is unofficially the vegan capital of Scotland. “Over the last decade, the number of vegans in the UK has increased by more than 350 per cent,” according to The Scotsman.

So you can imagine my excitement when I found out I was moving to Edinburgh.

But in doing my own research, I found there wasn’t one really great list of all the vegan cafes, shops, restaurants and resources in Edinburgh. So, I thought, “why not create one?” Not only have I compiled this list, but I’ve also mapped out all of these great places on Google Maps! You can save my Edinburgh Vegan list and use it as an easy reference during your visit. Follow my Edinburgh Vegan Google Map here! 

*Note: Each place listed is exclusively vegetarian or vegan, unless otherwise noted as “veg friendly”!*


The Vegan Quarter at Leith Market  (the first Saturday of each month)

Scottish Vegan Festival

Vegan Afternoon Tea at the Peacock Alley at the Waldorf Astoria 


Earthy Foods (multiple locations)

Ivy Natural Health and Beauty (salon)

Good Food Health Store

Holland & Barrett (multiple locations)

Hanover Health Foods

New Leaf Co-Op

Bakery/Patisserie karlis-dambrans-117428-unsplash.jpg

Pumpkin Brown

The Piemaker  (omni, but veg friendly)

Chocolate Tree (omni, but veg friendly)

Considerit (omni, but veg friendly)

Brochan (omni, but veg friendly)

The Caffeine Drip South African Cafe & Bakery (omni, but veg friendly)

Juice Bars/Healthy Cafes kyler-boone-389906-unsplash.jpg

Seeds for the Soul Ltd 

Holy Cow 

Natural Food Kafe 

Land of Bourbon 

Hula Juice Bar & Gallery


Meze Meze (omni, but veg friendly)

Grams  (omni, but veg friendly)

Union of Genius (omni, but veg friendly)

The Forest Cafe  (omni, but veg friendly)

Casual Dining/Cafesedgar-castrejon-459811-unsplash.jpg

Hendersons Vegan Restaurant  (multiple locations)

The Herbivore Kitchen


Annakut Restaurant

Paradise Palms

The Pakora Bar 

Novapizza Vegetarian Kitchen 

Golden Ambal North and South Indian Restaurant 

Beetroot Sauvage 


Wee Buddha  (omni, but veg friendly)

Wagamana (omni, but veg friendly)

Wahaca  (omni, but veg friendly — multiple locations)

Vapiano  (omni, but veg friendly — offers ‘vegitalian’ menu)

Treacle (omni, but veg friendly)

Roots (omni, but veg friendly)

Taco Mazama (omni, but veg friendly)

Illegal Jack’s  Tex Mex Grill (omni, but veg friendly)

Soul Sushi (omni, but veg friendly)

Bella Italia (omni, but veg friendly — multiple locations)

The Baked Potato Shop (omni, but veg friendly)

Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch (omni, but veg friendly)

Harmonium (omni, but veg friendly)

The Other Place (omni, but veg friendly)

The Brass Monkey (omni, but veg friendly)

La Favorita (omni, but veg friendly)

The Auld Hoose (omni, but veg friendly)

Loudons Cafe  (omni, but veg friendly)

Kismot (omni, but veg friendly)

Ada Restaurant (omni, but veg friendly)

Civerinos (omni, but veg friendly)

56 North (omni, but veg friendly)

Ransacked Black Oven  (omni, but veg friendly)

Woodland Creatures  (omni, but veg friendly)

Yo! Sushi (omni, but veg friendly – multiple locations)

Zizzi (omni, but veg friendly)

Gourmet/Upscale Diningjason-briscoe-104289-unsplash.jpg

Yeni Meze Bar & Restaurant  (omni, but veg friendly)

David Bann 

Bread Street Brasserie (omni, but veg friendly — and hosts a monthly vegan night on the first Wednesday of every month!)

Additional Resources

Anything that I’ve missed? Leave me a comment below!





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