5 Ways to Get Fit Without Leaving Your House

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Especially in the winter, (I’m looking at you, Michigan) it can be extremely hard to get motivated to leave the warmth of your home for the gym, or bundle up to exercise outdoors. And that can be problematic, because you need to get your blood pumping and break a sweat for optimal wellbeing (sweat = goodbye stress!). So, when you know you have the option to exercise at home (nope, you don’t even need to put shoes on), the excuses go out the window, and all that stands between you and your workout is your motivation.

I, for one, adore working out in the privacy of my home (I turned the second bedroom into my house into a gym/meditation room) and wanted to share with you my top five YouTube channels for breaking a sweat and actually getting a fab workout in. The great thing about utilizing YouTube for your workouts, is that you can do them virtually anywhere, even when you’re on-the-go and stuck in a hotel room.

Read on for my top five workout channels on YouTube, then roll out your yoga mat and get moving!

#1: The Body Coach

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is one of my favorite ways to workout, especially when I am short on time. It’s fast, furious and effective. And The Body Coach delivers. Even though HIIT is intense, knowing you only have to do it for 10 – 20 minutes and then you’re done, is enough motivation for me.

#2: Yoga With Adriene

I found Yoga With Adriene two years ago when I wanted to learn how to do yoga, but wasn’t sure where to start. She has all sorts of videos, from everything to anti-anxiety yoga to weight loss to guided meditations. She has over two million subscribers, so she’s doing something right! I think she’s funny, quirky, and her videos are great for everybody, from a beginner level to advanced.

#3: Yoga With Tim

Oh, Tim… Yoga with Tim is great if you’re simply looking for a yoga workout without any of the hippy-dippy, spiritual stuff. Adriene is pretty spiritual, which I like, but sometimes I just want to get my workout done, and when that’s the case, I turn to Tim. Thus is why I included both of their YouTube channels back-to-back.

#4: PopSugar Fitness

PopSugar is marketed pretty heavily toward women, but with thousands of workouts to choose from, there is something for everybody. Seriously, PopSugar has everything from hip-hop dance classes to Pilates to weight lifting. While the hosts of the show can annoy me with their overly peppy attitudes, I’ve found their workouts effective.

#5: Fitness Blender

With 834+ videos to choose from, Fitness Blender has something for everybody. This YouTube channel is gender-neutral in terms of having workouts geared specifically toward both the male and female bodies. Run by a couple, sometimes the videos are filmed with Dan and Kellie working out side-by-side to show you how each person works out differently.

I hope you find these five YouTube channels helpful and that they show you that you truly can get an awesome workout in from the privacy of your own home with minimal to no equipment necessary.



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