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Autumn Mackinac Island Adventures

Mackinac Island is a magical place to visit any time of year.

The Writing Process of a Madwoman: How I Manage to Put Words to the Page on a Regular Basis

What a title for this blog post, amiright? Well, as the title mentions, this blog post deals with my mad, mad writing process and my writing journey thus far. It might be a bit of a rambling, raving read. So sit tight if you care to learn about how my writing process began and how

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Fresh Cut Detroit Is Encouraging Detroit to Bloom

“We can offer a different type of romance, a unique product based on solely local flowers.” – Sarah Pappas, owner of Fresh Cut Detroit. In the heart of Detroit, a not-so-secret garden sprouts sustainably grown seasonal flora to provide the local community with living beauty. Sarah Pappas, founder of Fresh Cut Detroit and Hartford, Connecticut, native, has

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