Why I Stopped Washing My Hair Every Day


Hair. Whether you have a lot of it, or none of it, it’s a topic of constant discussion in the beauty world.

We’re told to wash our hair.

We’re told to not wash our hair.

So, what’s a person to do with all of this mixed information?

I, personally, decided I wanted to experiment with my scalp.

Born with fine hair (thanks, mom & dad!), I’ve always had an issue with my hair becoming too greasy too quickly. Maybe you can relate.

But, I’ve read enough articles and spoke to enough hair stylists and people with fantastic hair (my husband included) to know that washing your hair every day isn’t good.

Why Not to Wash Your Hair Everyday

  • It strips natural oils. When you wash your hair, you strip your scalp of necessary oils that not only keeps your scalp healthy and happy, but nourishes your existing hair.
  • You’ll have less grease. Washing less often can actually help your hair to become less oily over time.
  • It fades color faster.
  • It causes more split ends. Dry, brittle hair? No, thank you!
  • It can cause toxic product build-up. Washing more frequently causes us to use products more often, which means more products slathered on your scalp.

That said, going too long without washing your hair can cause build-up and scalp issues.

Pro Tip: Put your hair up on the days in-between washes!

So what’s the happy medium?

It depends on your hair and scalp type.

My husband, who was born with the thick hair of the gods, washes his hair about once per month. His hair is never greasy or smelly, either. Each day when he showers, he scrubs his scalp gently with his nails to release any dead skin cells, etc. that might be caught.

For me, I decided to start by washing my hair every other day.

But your scalp has to go through an adjustment period, so it was greasy for a few weeks while I made this transition. Yes, you can *train* your hair to be less greasy!

After a while, I noticed my hair wasn’t getting that “next-day-hair” feel — so I moved on to washing my hair twice per week with this shampoo: On Wednesday’s and Saturday’s.

This is my current routine: twice per week. My goal is to work up to once every five days.

I use a natural dry shampoo I picked up at Whole Foods on one day in between, and this routine has really been working for me.

Since I stopped washing my hair every day, I have noticed a drastic improvement in the quality of my hair.

It no longer gets as many split ends, is much thicker, and gets oily much slower than before.

If you’re on the fence about reducing the amount of washes you give your hair, I would highly recommend trying it out for a few months to see how you adjust.

How often do you wash your hair? Let me know in a comment below!




3 comments on “Why I Stopped Washing My Hair Every Day”

  1. Thank you for your post!
    I’m a male and while I wet my hair and scalp in the shower every day, I might only use shampoo 4 or 5 times a year.
    I do keep it very short, short enough that I don’t need to brush it, so I really can’t tell if it is greasy or not.
    My hair is thin as well. Not bald, but receading a bit.

  2. Ahhhh. This is such a huge topic for me. I wash my hair every. day. Even if its my day off and I wait to take a shower til the afternoon my hair is and feels so gross. I’ve been wanting to experiment and try to do like every other day but I am just so scared. Especially since I sweat through my head a lot when I sleep. I want to take the leap though….but am terrified. Your post gives me hope though that it is possible.

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