Oui Shave: A Razor Designed for Women by Women

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The $96 razor made by Oui Shave may be the most expensive razor you’ll ever own. But is it worth it?

I have been using various brands and types of razors since I was 12-years-old. Most of them cut me, left razor burn, or both. Like most people who shave, I have been on the journey to find the “perfect” razor since I knew what smooth skin felt like.

So, fast forward thirteen years and countless nicks, cuts and crappy razors used and discarded, I heard about Oui Shave the hot new razor on the market. Designed in Brooklyn, engineered in Germany, and marketed as “angled to fit to the curves of the female body”, I was willing to give Oui a go.

At the time that I ordered the Oui Razor, I was using a “regular” razor with replaceable blades that I bought from Whole Foods. It was made from recycled yogurt cups and I liked that it was only $7. However, it felt like a $7 razor. But I kept using it, because I was sick of spending so much money on my hairless habits. (Or so I thought.)

So, why in the hell would I purchase a $96 razor, you ask? Well, Oui, like most razors, is a one time fee for the razor itself, then $11 for a pack of 10 replaceable razors. Let’s say each razor lasts you one week. That’s only about $55 bucks a year spent on replacement razors (I was spending almost $300 a year with my yogurt cup razor to replace the razors, because each pack only came with four blades.) And, the design of the Oui razor is unlike anything I have ever used before, so I was willing to shell out the extra cash initially in the pursuit of razor-burn-free-skin.

Disclaimer: No offense to any women who choose to not shave. You do you, lovely.

USE - Close up with razor and hand

So, when the sleek little 24-karat gold coated razor arrived, accompanied by some sweet smelling Neroli shave oil, I was very pleased by the design. Modeled after household name, King. C. Gillette’s original design, the Oui razor is the most luxurious razor I have ever seen. Yet, I was wary about what it would do to my skin. I almost always end up with razor burn. Though, in the last year I’ve learned that you are supposed to shave with the grain of your hair, rather than away from it. Like men do when shaving their faces and necks. This prevents ingrown hairs and that painful red rash razor burn causes.

I was so excited to use my Oui razor, I ended up showering at 11 p.m. at night after I got home just so I could try it out. And it did not disappoint. My skin was not only smooth afterwards, (it seriously felt like I had just been waxed) but it was smooth for days after just shaving one time. That never happened with yogurt cup razor. Or any razor I used before that.

Another plus to the Oui razor, is that it is toxin-free. Made of stainless steel and coated in 24-karat gold, no plastic, chemicals, or nasty surprises are in store. After years of searching for the perfect razor, I think I may have finally found it.

So, is the Oui razor worth the $96 price tag? It was for me.






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