A Poem For Detroit

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When the night turns blue
&my bruises heal
all I want is you.

Hope is a dirty word because
it never fulfills.

It leaves you lingering
in clouds
and shoe-boxes full of Loubitons.

Standing on a rooftop

city tumbleweeds float by on sweet sewer air,
and the buildings are neon blue.
Swallowing my complexities & pride,
sucked down by the graffitied pull of fingers
that pick through garbage
I listen quietly for the part when the day becomes loud
so I can sleep again.

Chasing daylight for more
Gets old quickly.

headlights pass and lovers fade
anxiety riddled walls mock me
&my insecurities.

the small hours of the morning is when I miss you most of all.
The sun expands
I am expanding
Waves and Waves and Waves
of goodbye
all the mermaids are gone from the sea, Only dead fish on the shore
as the fog rolls in
off of the morning

Rooms for rent and strip club lights
yr. the only thing that shines bright.

Detroit skyline and LA looks
yr. eyes express what your words deceive.

I know what you really mean.

Sometimes everything just feels for hire.
A wanted sign hung on a dusty window.
7 days a week, $10 an hour.

If my dreams were real
we’d have a little cottage by the sea,
built of bones and maps and leaves.


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